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Sarah makes site-specific works for private, public and corporate clients; working with architects, interior designers and art consultants. Designs can be developed to suit individual clients and site requirements.

Her new range of bespoke-designed, large-scale works can be used as intriguing decorative wall panels, room partitions to define spaces, and lighting installations to add mood and create fascinating shadows within their surroundings.

Each piece is designed and finished by Sarah in her West Sussex studio, and fabricated by the finest local precision engineers. She combines state-of-the-art 3-D computer modelling with industrial metalworking processes to create exquisite, geometric structures in laser- or water-jet cut steel and aluminium that retain her unmistakable sense of style. Pieces are finished to perfection with durable and rich, powder-coated surfaces and are suitable for interior and outdoor use. From £800.

To enquire about a commission or to find out more about Sarah's work, please click here.

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